Zombie Cleanup Service is a VR game in which the player is a zombie exterminator in a world where zombies are as common as pests like roaches and rats. The player's goal is to find all zombies in the scenario and eliminate them.

The player must eliminate (clean up) sloppy physics simulated zombies from an environment with complete freedom to operate using tools, special weapons, other zombies and nonconventional destructible weapons, such as things found in the area, like a printer, a chair, an axe, a water pipe or a kitchen knife.


  • Active ragdoll based interactivity with zombies
  • A wide range of combat options including:
    • Using any dynamic object as a weapon
    • Tearing off zombie limbs with bare hands
    • Chopping body parts with an axe, etc.
    • Stabbing
    • Throwing zombies
    • Hitting zombie with another zombie
    • Or just use fists
    • And much more


Gameplay  YouTube


download all screenshots as .zip (11.9MB)

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